Covid Event Safety

The COVID pandemic has created a pause in our sport that has ended/canceled seasons and postponed many events. With the goal of resuming competition this summer Sir Walter Miler, Ed Murphey Classic, Portland Track, Drake Relays, Music City Distance Carnival, and Sound Running have come together to learn from each other and create event safety measures that we can use to move forward as we ease back to “normal”.

We will continue to update these measures as we learn more and hear from athletes. Please contact us with any questions so we can work together to provide safe competition.


Pre-Testing: Athletes will need to complete ONE negative COVID-19 test, performed within seven (7) days of the competition or proof of full vaccination. Athletes must submit proof of negative test before the athlete will be allowed to compete. All athletes should be tested prior to traveling to avoid possibly infecting their travel group. Securing and providing test results is the responsibility of athletes, coaches, and agents. For more information on COVID-19 testing guidelines from USATF, please click HERE.

Coaches, agents, and all staff planning to attend must also complete and test negative for COVID-19 in the seven (7) days leading to attending the competition or submit proof of full vaccination.

Travel: Athletes traveling to the event will need to work with their agents to follow any travel restrictions. We highly encourage ground travel if possible. We ask athletes, coaches, and agents to follow all CDC guidelines while traveling. This includes wearing masks in any public spaces. Athletes, coaches, and agents are to take precautions anywhere else they may go and limit contact. Unfortunately, athletes traveling from outside North America are not permitted at this time.


Event Size And Schedule: Event field size will be decided based on state and county guidelines. We will only allow one event on the track at a time. This will require a more spaced out event schedule and for athletes and coaches to attend for their event only.

Facility Entry: We will have a controlled entrance for staff, officials, athletes, coaches where we will take temperatures using a touch-less infrared thermometer upon entry into the facility. In accordance with CDC guidelines, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be allowed inside the stadium. This includes athletes, who will then not be allowed to compete. All athletes, agents, and coaches also must answer and sign our event COVID survey prior to entering the venue.

Face Masks: Event staff and officials will be REQUIRED to wear face masks during the event. Athletes will be asked to wear face masks when in the competition facility and may only take them off for the race. All coaches, agents, and personnel not competing will be REQUIRED to wear masks while in the facility. No exceptions

Sanitation: We will set up sanitation stations at the entrance and in warm-up areas. We will also have staff cleaning any common areas before, during, and after competition.

Social Distancing: Teams/Groups traveling to the meet together will be asked to warm up and set up camps only with each other. All warm-up and cool down areas would be located outside of the stadium.

Spectators: We will follow local guidelines with regards to spectators for our events. Out 2021 events attendance will likely require proof of vaccination to purchase a ticket.

*Please follow the links to the individual event sites for more information on location, dates, and entry.